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The National Database of Human Trafficking Programs & Resources – the only interactive portal of programs, by state, related to trafficking efforts for use by top state human trafficking directors

It is fairly common for our community to duplicate efforts and be unaware of the activities of our peers.  So the purpose is to facilitate the interaction of the people charged, in each state, with trafficking efforts.  We want them to talk, cooperate, share, and support one another.  We also want them to have easy access to the programs in their own state, but also other states.  From this, best practices will emerge in prevention, care, and eradication.

Human Trafficking Programs


While the Department of State’s TIP Report is tremendous in presenting an overview of anti-trafficking efforts by country, this database goes further in providing a platform through which top leaders can organize the efforts within their own countries and easily run reports of efforts in other countries.  This program is another step forward in facilitating global cooperation and information sharing.  As with the U.S. National Database, we’ll uncover trends and best practices through the content added to the International Database.

Chatty Cathy – an early detection system of trafficking activity

This is a critical tool in our prevention efforts.  We know that traffickers buy and sell people online using various platforms, among them being social media platforms.  We monitor chatter, collect data, and issue warnings.  The warnings are issued to trusted partners in proximity to the red zone.

International Advisory Council – a coalition of global activists IAC is dedicated to finding solutions to the underlying precipitators of human trafficking such as poverty, at-risk youth, runaways, inequality, religion, regional mores and norms, homelessness, and so forth.  We believe that human trafficking is only eradicable by addressing and ending the causes of trafficking.  Therefore, the experts, fixers, problem-solvers, and activists invited to join IAC are individuals who understand the risks and challenges in their region, the resources at their disposal and the resources needed, and have solved at least one of the aforementioned key problems, no matter the place, no matter the size.  These are individuals with answers and we need them to help adapt their solution on a global scale.

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